All Join products have been manufactured with materials of high quality
and durability, with a view to giving you the chance to enjoy them for many years.

*The 5-year-guarantee isn’t valid in the following circumstances:

1.  If some Join product goes under any alteration or fixing without Join’s approval.

2. If Join’s instructions on how to clean and maintain the product are not followed just as they are presented
on the authenticity guarantee which comes with the product.

3. On the fabrics, leatherette, leathers and on the reupholster of Join’s products.

4. If the product sustains any other kind of damages due to bad maintenance or some other cause.

5. If instead of Join’s anatomical frame (Join Metal Frame) there is another frame or board
(Join’s anatomical frame has 17 anatomical boards with a maximum gap of 3.5cm between each of them).

When submitting any complaint, you must present/enclose the original invoice or proof of purchase as well
as the authenticity guarantee.

Any possible notes ought to be made towards the provider whom you bought it from or any other authorized Join dealer.