History Of Wood…

Many years ago, it used to live in the oceans and was nothing more than a tiny cellular organism. The climate and geological changes over the years contributed to the production of lignin which turned this cellular organism into a trunk.

Throughout the years two major families were created, the conifers and the broadleaf trees. The pine, the fir, the cypress and the larch are conifers, whereas oak, chestnut, beech, elm and poplar are broadleaf trees.

Humans have always relied on wood in many aspects of their life and it has always served them, no matter how much mankind has hurt it and does to this day..

Wood contributed to the invention of the wheel, it offered mankind a valuable weapon to protect themselves from wildlife and later it was used to warm humans by lighting fires. Throughout history humans have exploited tones of wood and thanks to their imagination they have built homes and ships.

And after humans built houses, they needed to decorate them with furniture. Couches, armchairs, beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, tables, doors, desks, chairs, bookcases, frames to fill and warm their personal space up.

You can even find wooden spoons, plates, forks and so many other everyday items, all made of wood.

What imagination could never grasp is the process of converting wood into paper.

The history of wood has yet to be completed as the human mind is constantly coming up with new ideas that fill the pages of history.

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