We save paper and help the environment

Johannes Gutenberg could not have imagined in 1455, when the Bible was first printed, how great an impact his invention would make on mankind! Tons of paper have been and are still being consumed on a daily basis for multiple purposes. Did you know that in order for one ton of paper to be produced approximately 20 green trees are cut down? It is important to raise awareness and that we all try not to use paper recklessly because this would ruin the balance of nature.

Only 10% of the human population consumes 50% of the paper used worldwide, with Americans and Europeans topping the list.

Here are some helpful tips we can all follow:

  • Set your printer to make double-sided prints.
  • Use a board and chalk to write down your reminders. Think about it! It also makes a nice decoration.
  • Use newspapers instead of kitchen paper to clean the windows of your home.
  • Buy books from second-hand shops, borrow from your friends or even from your neighborhood’s lending library. You can also download e-books and read the news from on-line newspapers and magazines.
  • E-mail, e-mail, e-mail… at work and not just there. If you wish to communicate with your partners, use the fast and inexpensive way of emailing.
  • Do not photocopy everything. Create an electronic file that is more functional and saves storage space in your office. Just make sure you back-up your files.
  • As far as your accounting is concerned, invoices and receipts can also be provided in an electronic form.
  • Prefer to send e-cards on holidays and birthdays. Not only do you help the environment, it is also the most affordable and direct way to give your wishes.
  • If you are in the middle of the tough and stressful period of your wedding preparation send electronic invitations. It is a way to save money too!
  • Request from your provider to send you electronic bills.
  • Take the initiative and create a recycling bin at your workplace.
  • Buy recycled paper.
  • Use reusable products, e.g. handkerchiefs instead of tissues.
  • Choose the revolutionary method of unprinting. You may unprint paper and reprint it up to five times. That is, as many times as you may reuse paper with conventional recycling methods.Each and every one of us should try to contribute just a little to the protection of the environment in their everyday lives because it is our responsibility to maintain the balance of nature.