Technology at the service of mankind

Have you noticed that gadgets have become an integral part of our everyday lives? We carry them with us on our keys, as accessories to our mobile phones and they never seem to be enough. If only we could, we would carry them everywhere with us. To be honest, some of them make our everyday lives easier and they make our everyday routine so much better.

You dream it, technology makes it real and facilitates your life. In its simplest to its more complicated form technology will always be welcome.

Nowadays everybody is familiar with the concept of a smart home and it is no longer followed by taboos. No, we will not be taken over by machines (at least not in the near future!).
Automation and house appliances that can be remotely operated are very popular these days, especially in households where both parents are working and prefer to spend some quality time with their children, their friends or themselves in their free time instead of doing household chores.

Voice command for the lights, connecting electrical appliances through Wi-Fi and remotely operating appliances through applications; a vacuum cleaner that vacuums and mops on its own, an electric fireplace that can create the perfect temperature for you during the cold days of winter, anything you can imagine.

Gadgets go way further than the independent appliances you can find them integrated in furniture as well. Join’s new line is such an example; the buyer can purchase a fully equipped bedroom set with many useful small technological accessories.
The built-in led series with motion sensor in the bed frame is the answer to your prayers and the end of many of your worries at night, like not having to search for a socket near your couch or your office. Join now gives you the possibility to have a charging station either wired with double usb port or wireless built-in at your office or anywhere else you wish.